Thai Winged Bean Salad


– pork
– prawns
– dried shrimps
– winged beans
– roasted grated coconut
– coconut cream
– ground pepper
– sweet chili paste
– lime
– fish sauce
– palm sugar


Cut winged beans and get rid of all their ribs. Then finely slice it into thin strips and blanch it in slightly salted hot water. This keeps the beans green and freshly looks. Boil the pork and prawns until they are well done, then slice them into strips. Ground the dries shrimps. Roast the grated coconut until crisp. Heat on the coconut cream until boiled. Ground the roasted peanuts. Dissolve the sweet chili paste in fish sauce mixed with lime juice and sugar. Mix every prepared ingredient together, then poured by the cooked coconut cream. Taste until satisfied then put on a dish for serve.

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